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Which loadout should I choose?

  • Russian MVD

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  • Russian WW2

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Russian MVD or Russian WW2 loadout?

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Hello everyone! I'm here today asking which loadout I should do, as I've narrowed many loadouts down to these? There are two loadouts, the Modern loadout with a Russian MVD operator look to it from the 1990's to mid 2000's, and there's a WW2 soviet loadout with a kubanka instead of a pilotika or helmet. Luckily I have weapons for both loadouts if I go through with one or the other (I have a M44 Mosin Nagant and CYMA AK74). All I need is help choosing which one I should do, so go ahead in the comments below and say which one I should go with, and go ahead state why if you'd like to.

Here are some pictures

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The WW2 loadout is definitely more unique/rare, but the modern one is always cool as well.
Modern Russian impression? You could go to a Milsim West event. And also any event. An AK is also a solid skirmishable AEG.

WW2 Russian impression? You could possibly find a WW2 event and then beg them to let you run with the 101st airborne..... not alot of Eastern front Airsoft events. Neither with pacific theater events.....

As far as a Mosin Nagant being skirmishable? :)
The Wingun Mosin is pretty skirmishable. It just shoots dang hot for most places. Gas bolt action rifles are just annoying in general though. Spring is just a lot more simple and reliable. No gas, no electricity, just your hands and some BBs.

I’d go modern if your planning on going to Milsims. Even Milsim West does allow Russian WW2 guns however, at least if your playing militia (maybe sometimes yes sometimes no for Russian Army) but bolt actions are reserved for special sniper teams only. You should have gotten something like a PPSH, very skirmishable, can be used WW2, Vietnam, up to present day those are really nice if you can turn the mags into midcaps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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