S&T Arisaka type 38 bolt action spring, how can I mount a scope?

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    I preordered this gun from evike and since then I've talked to a few people and stores about finding a way to mount an optic on it. random people tell me to tap into the wood on the side and mount a Picatinny, the store told me to get a real ww2 scope mount or to try and get one made from a machine shop. I'm wondering if anyone on here has had prior experience with a similar gun or situation, like with a garand, m1 carbine, kar98, springfield, etc. Also, where do I find the mags for this thing? I cant find them anywhere if someone can link me to a site where I can buy the mags I would be super thankful.

    Thank you guys for helping me out on my past threads by the way
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    This one is tempting me too.

    As you know, there is no OEM scope mount for it. KTW did have a mount for its Type 38 (and 99), but it is no longer in production (http://gunshop-tactics2.com/Tactics2/item.cgi?item_id=KTW-38-MTB&ctg_id=AIR-KTW&page=1). Even if you could find it, it would not be a bolt-on to the S&T. The other maker of Type 38, Tanaka, does not appear to ever have offered a scope mount. If certainly looks as though mounting a scope on this rifle will be a lot of work!

    S&T does offer OEM mags (https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B077JQDK74?ie=UTF8&redirect=true). The catch is that, as you can see from the copied URL, you would likely have to source them from Japan, where most if not all of this rifle and its accessories are being/have been delivered to.

    If I ever get this very product, it will be for me a collection piece and not for fielding. Are you going to be running around with it?
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