S&T PPSH 41 upgrading/tuning

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    Hallo over there, my name is kohorte and i`m an airsoftplayer from Germany.

    Some weeks ago i bought an PPSH 41 from S&T and i like this gun a lot. But know i will upgrade the gun to prevent wear and tear. But there are two things i could not find finde out in the www:

    1. Which airseal aluminum Nozzle will fit in this gun or how long is the standard nozzle?
    2. Which Cylinder Head will fit in this gun (V2, V3, V6,...)?

    The reason why i am asking here in an American forum is that the German AS community is very small (compared to America) and sometimes you can`t get an information here in Germany because no one tried it before.

    Would be nice if someone can help me, so I have`t to open the weapon only for the information.

    Greetings from Germany

    kohorte :D
  2. Airborne101

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    Vie geht es einen. (did I get that right? Been a few years since I practiced my Deutsch)

    1.For the nozzle, remove your stock nozzle and measure it. Then go to ClandestineAirsoft.com and look at their nozzles. They list the lengths of all that they sell. Even if you don't want to order from them, it would give you and idea of what style nozzle (AK, M4, G36, etc) is close to your nozzle's length.

    2. According to my research, the cylinder head is a V2.

  3. kohorte

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    Hay, i am back after a while.
    Not completely* right but i understand you, thanks I'm fine ;) How are you?

    I opened the box after the triggerspring broke. Most parts are V2/V3 parts. Only the cut off lever looks very special and is definitely not a v2/v3 one. The nozzle is ~19,75mm long, the SHS AK nozzle (short version) should fit very good. My should arrive tomorrow, I will tell you the result :)



    *correct it would be "Wie geht es Ihnen/dir?" (Ihnen/dir -> depends on how good you know the person and in which relation you are with the person)
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    Hey kohorte! Old post I know. But just checking in to see if that AK nozzle worked alright for you? Thinking about upgrading mine.

  5. kohorte

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    You have luck that I subscribe to the topic and got an email ;)
    The AK nozzles doesn't work because they are too sick at one side. I took a lonex plastic airseal nozzle and grinded it down to the length of the original noozle, works perfekt. A tip, grind it slowly down, otherwise it could get to short, you have a massive air leak and need a new one (yes I f**k*ed up).

    I hope thet helps you.

    Greeting ;)