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    Hello everyone, I am from Tioga, PA and am new to the forum and finally had a chance to make an introductory post. I am not too terribly new to airsoft, having unknowingly played with airsoft guns as a kid (thought they were just nifty toys) and only recently truly got into it. I graduated from Chairsofting to Airsofting August 22, 2015 and was confirmed at that point to be addicted to the game.

    Love the outdoors, especially fishing and hunting. I am very much interested in biology, particularly fish and insects but certainly not limited to just them.

    Where I live there is no designated airsoft fields or complexes within a reasonable driving distance, so me and me friends are limited to backyards and farm lands that my family or friends family is gracious enough to let us play on. We are trying to get a larger group around so that we can play more regularly but no such luck yet.

    Any Sig fans out there? Fell in love with the ICS Sig 552 and would love to nerd about it.

    Anyway I hope to learn a lot from everyone here and just have a great time with it. Thanks for reading.
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    Welcome to the forum! I, too, live in PA, but know where near Tioga:D. Enjoy you stay!