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  1. dooodstevenn

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    yea i know its 400 fps limit, i want to build a dmr set,where i would put in a 450 fps spring, tight bore and bore up so that it would shoot about 500 fps without having all the power behind the spring to strip anything, with that said, i would be using .3 or higher bb's as a dmr. so theoretically it should shoot about 380? i was wondering if they would let me chrono with my own bb's or if i will be given a .2 from the staff that is chronoing. last time i went (first 1 for airsoft) they didnt ask to see my bbs or anything and just assumed i was shooting .2's but that was a dead day where we only had 5 on 5 games, with bigger games i thik they would check, anyone know of this?...

    if you have gone to a big day or a day where outlawz are there or something. do they make you chrono with a .2? or can u just chrono with w/e bb u have in your mag?
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    I would assume that they would check your bbs, but they may make you chrono your gun with their own bbs. It also depends on how strict the people are too.

    At the field I go to, you just go over and shoot your gun a few times at the chrono. If kinda narrows down the whole honor system to tell them if you are using something heavier than a .2g.
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  3. hairyman

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    I would be very surprised if they don't make you chrono the replica with .20's(as any sight should),,,it simply makes no sense allowing you to pick and choose bb weight at the station.
  4. elliesium

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    Trying to use a 500fps gun on a 400 fps field sounds dishonorable to me.

    If someone is going to lie about that, why would they call hits?
  5. Zarknorg

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    Sorry, I know this is a Noob question, but why do they care if you're using more than .20 gram bb's?
  6. Jacobeggegg

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    you can use them in the games just not to crono because it lowers the fps but it still does as much damage
  7. Cuban0

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    OutlawZ @ SCVillage

    Well guys you can actually chrono with your own ammo they dont check your ammo.
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    It's still dishonorable, the fps limits are their for a reason and that reason is safety. A .3 bb shooting at 380 is going to have more force than a .2 at 500. Look at it this way, an 18-wheeler is driving 70 mph and slams into a brick wall and a ferrari slams into the same wall at 140 mph. Which do you think will do more damage? The one with more weight and force, the 18-wheeler. Play safe and honorable, if 400 is the limit, then it is the limit. And remember, 400 fps is a limit not a goal.