SC Village: SC Viper/Kosovo

Discussion in 'Airsoft Images & Video' started by MattyCams, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. MattyCams

    MattyCams New Member

    A video from last weekend's trip. It's my first video. Please leave constructive feedback if you see something wrong.

  2. GolfisGood

    GolfisGood New Member

    Not bad. It was surprisingly good for your first video. Definitely make sure you bring the cam to bigger events. I took footage of a two day event and spent a good part of my day when I got back editing the footage. The difficult part I find with filming is trying not to cut out too many parts because then people start to think of it as a highlight reel. Unfortunately I play a lot of milsim and not many people want to watch a video of my squad defending a base with no firefights, haha. Keep up the good work!