Scar external complete change?

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  1. Mikedigraz

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    Would it be possible to change all of the externals of my echo1 scar-l to a vfc? What i mean is only changing the upper receiver lower receiver and stock to vfc but keeping my custom internals. Is this possible? If so how much would it cost?
  2. bsportft

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    I don't think so. An echo1 scar l runs off a different wiring system than a vfc. If it is possible which I don't think it is, I would prepare to epmty my wallet and put hors of work into it.

  3. EDI1st

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    Um....if you can get the same connectors that the VFC SCAR uses,'s possible.
    And really it's just two pins that are pushed against the plate on the stock by 2 springs...

    (Since when do people think it's impossible to change the wiring setup....?)
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