Scar L support weapon?

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    So im not trying to piss anyone off to start lmao, but i purchased a HPA Scar L for cheap and i wanted to know if i could turn it into a support weapon. I favor the gun and the role above all. To be clear, i know how to play support, i wouldnt be running around with a box mag at 20 rps. I was just wondering if it would be alright to do that and if fields would allow it as a support weapon. Thanks.
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    Yeah, they probably would. Ask your local field if they will. Usually a support weapon will have a drum/box but a lot of people don't like it when you throw a box mag on a M4/SCAR.

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    Short answer, it's airsoft, do what ever the [email protected] you want.

    Long answer-
    It really just depends on where you play and how strict the immersion is. I run an AK74 as a DMR and a support weapon. This is do to the performance of the gun and my ability to use it to its full potential. (long range+ scope = DMR, 600 round high caps + 25 rps =support weapon) The fields I play at only have minimum engagement distances depending on fps. The roll you play and gun that is used in the roll is determined by the individual or possibly team/squad not the field.
    If you are going to a field or event that is more strict than you probably won't be allowed to classify it as a support weapon because I'm pretty sure it's real steel counterpart is classified as an assault rifle just like my AK.
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