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    Far East.....murica
    Hi, I am currently looking for a group of people who have a strong sense of super serious BBwarz, immersions, and of course.....German kit/impression. Specifically infantry (ex. Panzergrenadiere, Fallschirmjäger etc.) or specialized infantry (EGB Fallschirmjäger or Gebirgsjäger) kits or impressions. None of that KSK overratedness (absolutely hard kit or impression to pull off with the rarity of some of the gear or clothing they have). Sure we can have our own custom team SOP but the German kits are priority for ops, specifically "MILSIM WEST". Currently looking for anyone from new players to experienced players who are interested in doing this. Also definitely looking for military or LE individuals too to help mentor us civvies. We're all here to learn regardless of experience. From tactics and other means of understanding the basis of military science as well as Deutsch language skills. I mean c'mon it is super serious BBwarz milsim LARPing right? I'm located in Bergen County and usually hit up the field called "Zulu24" which is in upstate NY. Possibly would hit up other fields maybe. Also we also look to do other things than just BBwarz. Like other fun activities or just Asian things ;) . Not to sound corny with what I just said but it should give you an idea of what the team or community would kind of look like. But anyways if you have any questions regarding more info, assistance in building an impression or regular team SOP kit, or Milsim West or anything else, feel free to do these things :cool:

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    Not sure how KSK is overrated, seeing as almost nobody has a KSK kit... Lol.

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    KSK kits are overrated? You ever tried to make one? Damn near impossible.

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    Far East.....murica
    It sure is. Sure the plate carrier and pouches easy but when it comes to the clothing or down to other things. It is near impossible since some of the stuff are specifically tailored for the operators. And yes I tried but then few guys and I decided to do something else which was EGB, Gebirgsjäger and other stuff.