"Scout .50" Sniper For Sale - Bar 10 G-Spec Insanely Upgraded! $1000 build

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    Vancouver, WA
    Scout Sniper is SOLD

    Today I have my sniper build up for sale, affectionally dubbed the "Scout .50". Sniping just isn’t for me, the rules at my local fields are dumb and the sniper role just doesn’t fulfill me as a player. Easily have over to $1000 into this build, looking for Polarstar or other HPA setups, M14 EBR's or a support gun setup (KAC Stoner's are highly encouraged!).

    JG “G-Spec” Bar 10 - ($145)
    Modelworks M40 A3 stock - ($200)
    PDI Palsonite Cylinder set – ($150)
    (Full cylinder, spring, spring guide, piston, cylinder head, the whole package!)
    PDI Trigger – ($200)
    3-12x Scope - ($55)
    Harris Bipod – ($75)
    Laylax 6.03 TBB – ($75)
    Alpha Airsoft Hop up chamber – ($50)
    Maple Leaf Buking – ($10)
    Barret/Snow Wolf 50 Cal Muzzle break – ($50)
    Butler creek flip up caps ($20)
    3 TM VSR 10 Magazines, 1 JG mag –( $30)

    Total for final build - $1050




    Gun is tuned nicely with .43’s (which I will include) but, due to local field/game rules, is only shooting 450 fps with .2’s at the moment. Running a PDI 200 spring. Throw it to a 280 spring and you will be on the dot at 550. Gun is crazy accurate and was about plus or minus 3 over the chrono. I will also include the original stock, cylinder, trigger and sears, an Action Army piston and spring guide, and whatever other parts I can find.

    Asking $SOLD SOLD SOLD. Yeah, that’s right. Half of what I paid. Actually less than half, with all the extra parts I have. I just hate seeing it sit in the cabinet every day. Literally less than 100 shots through it.

    Trades – Offer away. I love GBB pistols, looking for a support weapon to try as well. M14 EBR's are fantastic. Kriss Vector mags and parts are a big plus. Cash is still king.
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  2. Munishin

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    My lord this is a beauty!

  3. Kopis

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    Im in love. That gun is sex.

    Buy my WE M16+4 mags, 200 +shipping CONUS
  4. shawnpassessio

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    I'd offer my glock but it's nowhere near trade value haha
  5. Tortoise

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    I actually just got a bonus of $SPF at my job this week, I think I'll purchase this beauty from you.
  6. airsoftmaniacman

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    Only $1050 spent? That's nothing. :p
  7. Seleucus

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    St. Johns
    This gun is beautiful! I'd definitely be willing to trade my WE 1911 for it, along with cash of course, as that thing is no where near the value of this beautiful rifle.
  8. Dreadfulclone

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    Hey so tell me more about your bar10 I'm interested In buying or trading