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    I've noticed a lot of you have trouble or don't know how to search the forum for 2 things...
    - Popular words (electric, Automatic, gear, etc)
    - 3 letter words and acronyms (Aeg, gbb, lpeg, vs, M4, AK, Sig, etc)

    Well you're in luck. I'm going to quickly show you a little trick that will help you no matter where you are.

    Let's say you wanted to search a very popular question/debate: "AEG vs Gas"
    Typically when you search this phrase you get the following screen:
    So then you try adding astericks, you change wording, and you end up getting a few helpful threads, but not entirely what you were originally hoping to obtain.

    Well here's a little trick and it involves Google Searching.
    Go to and you're going to search the following:
    " aeg vs gbb"

    This will tell Google to ONLY search AirsoftSociety and search for the terms aeg, vs, and gbb.
    So when you search, you should see something in the likes of: [​IMG]

    **Not my prettiest tutorial, but if you find it helpful let me know and I may pretty it up a bit to better help the next person.
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    Surprised there are no replies yet...anyways this is a pretty cool feature. Not only can you do it for the forum, you could type in any site and do this. I wonder if you can search for guns on online stores this way? Huh, anyways good tutorial IMO.

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    It's semi-helpful with stores. Because many stores have multiple related ads, it can easily be a pain. But yeah, simple Google search manipulation.
    Google is an extremely powerful tool, but sadly very few know how to make use of its power.
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    Thanks a lot of for your advice!
    I am also think now that Its the simplest way indeed.

    Thanks again and best regards