Selecting Grease to Use Inside the Gearbox

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    I've tried my best to research which lube I should be using in my AEG build, but I can't seem to settle on a "single" lube. I've looked in places like ASF, trying to find reliable, and legit information. Some places had too many things to dig through, so I might've missed something there.

    What I want to know is what lubrication is best used in which internal parts. I'd like to hear the pros and cons of the lubricants I've listed and any that are suggested. (Silences gearbox, makes parts last longer/increases durability, improves compression, resists big temperature differences, etc. only if you have hard evidence and experience. Otherwise, just include that you don't.)

    Lubricants I've heard that work:
    "x"wt shock oil (in various places like the barrel and piston)
    MadBull grease set (just because I already have it)
    White lithium grease (so many people seem to use it)
    Teflon grease
    SuperLube (Don't know which one)
    Silicone-based grease
    Silicone oil

    I also hear that petroleum-based stuff should not be used around plastics or o-rings because it would degrade them over time.

    Which lubricants should I use on:
    Piston guide rails
    Cylinder-nozzle area
    Tappet plate area (where it slides against the GB)
    Inner barrel (I do know there is a big conflict between using silicone oil and rubbing alcohol in the inner barrel, so please include your thoughts on this topic, too.)

    Does silicone grease/oil effect o-rings and such?
    I hear white lithium grease is hydroscopic (attracts water/moisture). Is it really, and what kind of problems would this cause?

    I hope I included enough details as to what I want so that somebody can help me.
    Feel free to spoon-feed me advice! I know you want to. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    (Other stuff I'm also wondering about: )
    Polishing of piston guide rails and tappet plate "rails" to improve performance.
    Teflon tape mod on cylinder head even when compression is already just fine? What other mods help with compression, and why/how would they be used?
    Is it true that using the same brand compression parts allows for little variation in FPS between shots? (Has anyone gotten this with mismatched brands?)
    Getting the nozzle to stop leaking air between itself and the cylinder head apart from messing with the o-ring.
    Locking down the barrel and hop-up to help with consistency.

    TL;DR Which lube is best for a reliable, average ROF, SSG, and short-mid-long-range V2 gearbox? Preferably one that doesn't fling itself all over my gearbox like SHTF.
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    Just use SuperLube for everything
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    I use Superlube and Team Associated Green Slime. Both are safe everywhere in the gearbox.
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    Which Superlube? I read somewhere that the synthetic one was bad and the silicone was better to use. I'm not sure which one to pick.
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    I had to double check, but I use the synthetic and never have an issue. I've opened gearboxes that I've built years ago and the lube was just as if I had applied it yesterday. I should note, I have several guns and some don't see a lot of use, but those that do are much the same.
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    Pure silicon is in theory better for air seal parts. Teflon grease is in theory better for mechanical wear. I've used both for both applications, as long as its superlube, there's no petroleum, and no problems.
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    Thanks, guys. I appreciate the help. :)