Selling Airsoft GI Desert G4-A2 Silent Death Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan)

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    I am going off to college and just will not be able to find the time to play much Airsoft anymore so I figured I should get this gun back out on the field!

    The first Item I will be selling is an Airsoft GI Desert G4-A2 Silent Death Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan/Custom). If you purchase the gun from Airsoft GI, it does not include a battery.

    I have had this gun for a few years and have always babied it. Sadly the gun didn't actually get a whole lot of action, but when it did, it performed outstandingly well. GI says that the gun shoots 350 FPS but when I would use the gun, events would try to tag my tiny little gun as a sniper as it always chronoed above 400 FPS. After some use of the gun, I finally broke the spring in enough to get it shooting at around 390 FPS. I have not had the gun chronoed in about 6 months, but my guess is that it is shooting at around 360-390 FPS consistently.

    -Will come with original G&G High Capacity Magazine
    -Blowback function works great.
    -Small amount of rust on the "Infidel" marking because I liked the look of it so I left it, but a wire brush would take it off very easily if you don't like the look.
    -I will include a barrel cover with the gun

    I have always loved this gun and hope that whoever buys it has as much fun with it as I did!

    $175 for gun without battery
    $190 for gun with one battery
    $200 for gun with two batteries

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