Selling My Gear

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    Hello! I am selling my gear because I intend to quit Airsoft after 5 or 6 years.

    Condor Gunner Plate Carrier
    Price: $40
    This plate carrier is relatively new so it got a little bit of use but it is in great shape. The molle setup will only go with the carrier and is NOT separate. IMG_4718.jpg IMG_4719.jpg

    Rothco Marpat Shirt
    Price: $10
    Size: Medium
    Shirt was also newly bought

    Price: $15
    I believe it is adjustable to what headsize you are, not sure how small or large it can go though. IMG_4705.jpg IMG_4706.jpg

    5.11 Green Tac Shirt
    Size: Medium
    Price: $20
    This shirt had quite a bit of use, and I loved how comfortable it was. IMG_4720.jpg

    Woodland Marpat Camo Pants
    Price: $15
    I bought these pants at the beginning of airsofting, so they've seen quite a bit of use. Originally $90. They have removable kneepads that are a little beat up but still work just fine. It tore in the right knee I believe and had to be sewed, but it is hardly noticeable. I am unable to get a picture of them now, but I will try to in the coming days to find a picture of them. Marpat Camo is the exact seen on the Rothco shirt above.

    Condor Vest
    Price: $15
    This was a solid vest, I loved how fast I could move in it.

    Part of buying this stuff is that I WILL NEED the shipping to be paid for in order for it to be purchased. I WILL NOT accept trades. Thanks!