Selling off my collection. KWA/KSC glocks and CYMA AK's and upgrades, mags etc

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    Hello, I have been planning to sell off my old airsoft guns for quite. I have sale feedback on the AK files under "Dinosaur" ( and the AK forum under "Dinosaur" ( aswell but I haven't been active on there in a while. Feel free to check either or message me on them for confirmation.

    To the best of my knowledge, given I haven't played airsoft in 5+ years and some of these guns were purchased 10 or more years ago, here we go!

    KWA/KSC glocks (Can't remember which one tbh please help xD)
    1. G18c's = one has been bubba'd a bit and it was my go to gun for indoor or close range fights, it has seen a bit of use and I did quite a bit of upgrading to it (was a money pit)

    2. Unmolested G18c = kinda had this one just to duel wield them every once in a while. Hasn't really been used a lot and I don't think I messed with it at all.

    3. G19 = definitely KSC, bought it much later on, maybe 2012 or 2013. Never got to use it a whole lot and its pretty much new besides the barrel being polished.

    4. CYMA AK with rails and **** = I don't believe theres much done to this thing, it was a great gun though and last I remember it works fine. The red dot on it is cracked but still works.

    5. CYMA ak underfolder = this one was my beater, it always managed to have something go wrong with it which is why I had the backup. I fell one time and managed to break the whole front sight off and damage the barrel, so I just said the hell with it and bought a (idk how I remember this or if its correct) 6.01 madbull barrel and upgraded the hopup, aswell as possibly a couple other things internally. It would make a good project gun or parts gun I guess.

    6. I have the mags pictured, possibly more, aswell as a few more slides, barrels, and a few other parts for the glocks and AK's that I'll have to dig around for. (possibly more guns)

    I'd prefer to sell all together so I'll give a price for that since most sites make you do so:
    $250 OBO (make an offer)

    If anyone is interested, feel free to reply here, message me and I can provide text message number to make things easier.
    Also if you are an AK files/forum member and want to verify my account or do a sale on there you have my info!
    FINALLY: for sale, I'd prefer FTF if your near me I'd be willing to drive, otherwise we can work shipping out.
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    Your photos - Loaded correctly for all to see.


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    Illinois, range of travel is more Iowa/Missouri and Indiana. Willing to ship though
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    Also to anyone interested, I am willing to ship first and accept payment once delivered provided you have substantial positive feedback score.
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    If you decide you want to piece out that underfolder from the rest ( Assumings its metal body and stock ) I could be convinced to buy it. I never get around to finishing any of my projects but I dont see I couldnt add another AK to the... stack.
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    Sure, make me an offer and I'd be more than willing to split anything up, it's all metal.
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    Interested in piecing out that railed AK?
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    Pm'd about the first glock
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    Sun prairie
    How much for the remaining pistols
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    Hey brotha, is the KSC G19 available? How much? Would you ship to Sacramento area?