Selling Tokyo Marui VSR Fully Upgraded

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    Looking for a quick sale for this one, so the price is definitely negotiable. Here we have a fully upgraded Tokyo Marui VSR-10. It has been used in around 7-8 game days but is in full working condition and has just recently had the upgraded hop unit and barrel put in.

    The rifle will come in its original box and include: The original hop unit in perfect condition, original hop rubber, stock barrel, stock spring, M130 spring, 5 magazines, and the rail pre installed for mounting a scope (these do not usually come with the rail when bought new). 4 magazines are also action army, which hold 50 rounds and are clear to see how many rounds are in the magazine.

    The upgrades are as follows –
    Tokyo Marui VSR-10 PRO Upgraded w/
    ASPUK 90 Degree Piston,
    ASPUK Spring (M150),
    ASPUK Spring Guide,
    ASPUK Trigger unit (90 Degree),
    Maple Leaf 6.04mm Crazy Jet Barrel,
    Maple Leaf Autobot 60 Degree Hop Bucking,
    Maple Leaf Hop Unit,
    Action Army CNC Red magazine release.
    SPEED Custom Bolt Handle

    Asking price is £300.00 and can only be posted within the UK. Again, I am looking for a quick sale so the price is very negoitable. 287780-450x800.jpeg 345674-450x800.jpeg 860318-450x800.jpeg

    Scope is NOT included in this sale. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me
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    Dang wish your from US :(

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    Any way you'd possibly ship to the US?
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    Great price. GLWS.