Semi is still on Safe

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    Semi is still on Safe (Solved)

    Follow airsoft techs,

    As the title might imply, when I switch my gun to semi, it is still stuck on safe. When I pull the trigger, the safety lever is still touching the trigger, preventing it from actuating the micro switch I have installed.

    But if I pull the selector just a tad towards auto, I can shoot semi; but not reliably as it'll jump between semi and auto.

    The following pertinent parts are as follows:

    Lonex Gearbox shell
    Retroarms safety lever
    Lonex selector plate
    G&P Magpul body with stock selector
    BTC Chimera Mosfet (don't know if it's relevant to this)

    If there is a thread that already covers this issue, please direct me towards this. However; I'm not sure if this is a common problem hence why I made this post.

    Thanks for looking at this anyways;

    Regards, ghazzy118

    Update: Problem solved. Turns out that the selector lever in the GB was just a tad too wide. I filed it down a bit, and now it works fine :)

    Please disregard
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