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    This event takes place in northern Wisconsin near Superior
    The feild is Superior Paintball
    ^you can find the adress here
    This event will have a $10 entry and bio BB's must be used (except for .12g). At present time only regulation paintball goggles can be used for airsoft. These are available at no additional cost, but as always a good set of thermal lenses would be prefered. Games will run each date from 11 to 4.
    Each date will begin with scenario style woods games from 11 to 2. From 2 until 4 other fields will be used when available.
    All AEG's and Gas/C02 guns will be chronoed.
    Any gun going full auto will have to shoot under 450 fps with .20g bb. Snipers/DMR's do not need to be chronoed. Snipers/DMR's will have a 50ft non-engagement zone.

    May 27th (30 people)
    July 1st (54 people)
    Sunday, August 5th(58 people)
    More dates will be posted depending on attendance of these posted events.
    5,000 G&G.20 bbs will be sold at SP for $15.
    Food/Drink will also be for sale.
    Members from this site attending: (Mods/ADMIN's feel free to edit)
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    Is this an over night game because i am looking for an over night game

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    This game was on the 23rd.. It's the 29th.
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    sorry i thought it was october and do you know of any over night games in minnesota

    my dad is getting out of the hospital and i want to surprise him with a huge over night game
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