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  1. unaidedsteak

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    Hey guys,

    So I'm shimming this gun currently and I just cant seem to get it sound how i want it. I've been using the Bevel to Pinion method so I've set the motor height using the half shell method and now I'm trying to get the up and down movement of the gear right.

    So my questions are:

    1 - How much play up and down should the Bevel gear have?
    2- How much play (With the motor installed) should the bevel gear side to side (as if you were spinning the gears)

    Any other tips on reducing the annoying gearbox wine would be awesome!
  2. Airborne101

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    1. I usually leave .1mm of play in my gears, or just slightly less. If there is no side to side play, your shimming is to tight.

    2. I generally aim for the same play with or without the motor.

    Keep in mind though that sound isn't only based on shimming. Gear teeth have different profiles which cause them to mesh differently, and therefore can sound differently. On top of that, chasing a specific sound can be an expensive endeavor. Even though 2 of my guns have similar internals, the sound distinctly different.