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Discussion in 'West Virginia Airsoft Forum' started by WVairsofter420, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. WVairsofter420

    WVairsofter420 New Member

    I am looking for a place to buy quality airsoft guns/parts/gear/ect. In west virginia does anyone know of a place?
  2. ThompsonFTW

    ThompsonFTW New Member

    I moved this to the West Virginia heading, you will get more help there.

    My grandfather lives down there, but I have never heard of any airsofts shops near where he lives. Where are you located exactly?

  3. prometheus323

    prometheus323 New Member

    if your near charleston , down in milton a friend of mine has a very nice airsoft shop there. He sells just about anything you need for reasonable prices. Plus theres a military store right near it to buy airsoft gear from. Its where i go all the time,
  4. Airsoftmania

    Airsoftmania New Member

    i couldent find one either but in clarksburg near gabrilbrothers on side where verison is theirs a store called extremeairsoft/you should check it out never really been in their their open on wendays/saturdays i think they close everyday at like 5:30 to be safe 5:00 oh yeh and im not sure on opening i think 11:00 but to be safe again just go at 1:00 lol sorry not to sure on my facts.