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    I'm a local filmmaker in Baltimore, MD, and I'm working on a short military themed action film. I'm posting here because I use airsoft guns as my prop weapons. I was set to go and drop a bunch of money on prop guns but figured I can knock out two birds with one stone if I could hire some extras from within the airsoft community who already have their own gear.

    I plan on shooting the piece this Fall, outside of Baltimore, MD.

    I'm looking for a few guys of military age in the Baltimore area, with their own airsoft guns and tactical gear, who would be interested in playing PMCs for a day. You will be compensated for your time and fed.

    If this sounds interesting shoot me an email at [email protected]


    Torian T

    Here is a link to my site featuring some of my work, just so you can see that I'm not a really horrible filmmaker.