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    Well since I took the giant leap back to Airsoft I did some research. Many moons ago I bought my First AEG from them. It was a crappy M4, all plastic. BUt it got the job done and made me happy with backyard skirmishes with my friends. Time went by and I got smarter, and older. I did some research and I placed an order for a G&G M-4. Was all happy till I got an e-mail saying there was an issue. SHorty USA is in Deleware and I live in PA outside of Reading. I was off from work so I decided to take a day trip. 1 45 min later I arrive at their pro shop. Here comes the review.

    Pro Shop: Decent size, about the size I expected. WAlls lined with guns. Everything was divided by style. AKs, H&K and M4/M16 style on their respective walls. The cases had a variety of pistols. They were broken down by spring GBB, NGBB. And another wall all sniper rifles. The showroom was spotless. They even had a Mini gun and M-60:cool:. VERY NICE!:D (A-)

    Inventory: They had A LOT on display but of the three guns I was interested in, they only had the 1. I was looking for a short barrel M-4 for CQC and field ops. I also learned that if there was a green dot by the gun, they had it in stock. I found out though that most of the guns they had we back ordered due to sales. They had the GBB pistol I wanted though!:) (B)

    Prices: Prices I feel, were decent and fair. Matched with what was comparable to other sites. (B+)

    Customer Service:
    This is what left a HUGE impression on me. When I walked in the shop was empty. As I was there, about 15 people came in. The sales guy who helped me, wish I could remeber his name, he stuck with me the entire time through my entire purchase. He answered all my questions I asked and gave suggestions. He wasn't like a used car salesman, trying to get me to buy the most expensive thing. I gave him the criteria of what I was looking for, along with my budget. Helped me through and through. There was an issue with my ol-line order, they fixed it for me, and gave me my order in store credit. This was for the items they did not have. It all worked out in the end :D (A+)

    All in all I feel Shorty USA is great! Great customer service. And I found out Law Enforcement and Military get a 10% discount in store. Owner is former military.

    So to the guys around the Newark Deleware area, PA, MD and NJ, might want to takea trip there. To the guys who cant make it. Check out their website. (

    I know I'll be ordering from them again.