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  1. JordanSantaw

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    I am looking for a shotgun to buy just to have for a third weapons, i am currently using an a&k custom m4 s-system. my side arm is a combat zone enforcer. my range is right around 150 dollars. please let me know! thanks.
  2. crossmanownsjk

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    Honestly the utg trishot is your best bet, unless you want a ktw, which would have a high shipping price. Tokyo marui makes great trishots the m3 and spas12, but they are $200-250 and again hard to find in the us. The maruzen m110 and 870 are again out of your range and country. If you must have a gas shotgun i would avoid the matrix acm ones, because i heard they have valve problems. The best gas one for your money is probably a walther sg9000 i think. It is an 88 gram co2 powered shotgun for around $100, the 88g co2 cartridges will run $7-10 a piece. G&p also makes shotguns, but they are overpriced single shots unfortunately.

  3. G36Cairsoftking

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    IF you want to get a nice shotgun i would only get a tsd gun they are ever good and pretty cheap they could go threw hell and back