Should Facemasks Be a Requirement?

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    So I operate my own small field and usually host 4 v 4 or 6 v 6 games. My main clientele is teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17. Currently, I require for everyone to have eye, ear, nose, and mouth protection on when on the AO. I am considering not requiring mouth and eye pro anymore, however. I go to AMS events often and am heavily influenced by their rules, which is only eye pro. I am unwilling to budge on the ear pro requirement, but am considering the mouth/nose pro being a non-requirement, as only short-term injuries can come from a shot in the mouth/nose. The issue is that if a minor, my primary clientele, gets, say, a tooth knocked out, it's a big deal. If I did it, I think that I would have to have their guardian sign a liability waiver, but that complicates things a bit too much for me. So should I make mouth/nose pro a requirement? Or should I let go of the rule? Thank you for for any help or advise anybody can provide!
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    Do you have insuarance? They should set standards. If not, you honestly are an idiot if youre hosting actual games as a business. One accident, and you could lose a lot more than just your airsoft field.

    You probably should be doing waivers, its more of a safety thing for you than them and its not that confusing. Just go online and find a prewritten waiver and print them and have them signed, just put them in a folder.

    Now to the actual question at hand:

    Eye protection is mandatory- thats smart, full seal i assume.
    Nose protection is unnecessary, i dont think bbs will break the bone.
    I would require mouth protection for everyone, losing teeth hurts, and it might intimidate people from coming back.
    Ear protectecion is something that i feel should be optional. I dont see the worst thing that could happen.

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    I know of one incident where a kid got shot in the ear. It (the BB ) went so far in that they had to vacuum it out. Worst case scenario, maybe damage to the inner ear? Idk.
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    Perhaps the type of field can define how much gear is needed? Is it an outside field and what fps limits are there? I believe eye protection should always be mandatory, personally I value face guards. Perhaps get waivers, require eye protection and recommend full face protection. Though getting a tooth knocked out could really hurt your field.
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    It's an outdoor field with no range limits for guns under 400 fps, 20 ft range limit for guns 401-450 fps, and 40 ft range limits for guns 451-500 fps.

    I am concerned about people getting their teeth knocked out and not wanting to come back. Also, even getting a bloody lip might turn people away from the sport. I am also concerned about some jerk thinking it'd be funny to knock someone's tooth out and purposefully shooting for the face. It's been a rule to have mouth/nose pro since I started the field, and I am worried about changing it at all. Thanks for your response, though!
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    Eye pro definitely should be mandatory...the last thing you need is a lawsuit filed against you, as for nose, mouth and ear protection that is totally up to you maybe have players cover their ears with something.
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    I'm assuming that everything that ma_airsoft mentioned is taken care of as far as insurance/waivers go. If not, it needs to be, especially if your fields grows in the future and you start getting new players in.

    Do any of the players complain about wearing all of the mentioned protection? If they are fine wearing it, then what is the reason for making some of it optional? Especially since you indicated that you're concerned about making any changes to your current standards, I would just leave it as it is. If there is any future growth for your field and people over the age of 18 start playing, Then you might look at making some of the face protection optional depending on the age group.

    Just my $0.02,