Should I convert my g36 to take m4 mags?

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Killshot_Ben, Aug 3, 2012.

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    I have a SRC G36kv which was purchased from evike. I like the magazine release tab, but I don't like hi caps, or pricey g36 mags. I can purchase 10 140 rds m4 mid caps and a magwell for my g36 for $76. I can get 5 130 rds g36 mid caps for $60. My gun is a DMR so I don't need a ton of mags.

    I guess my real question is "Is there a magwell conversion that allows me to continue to use the release tab, and if not, what are the pros and cons of changing to m4 mags, and if you were me, what would you do?"

    Also, what price would you recommend I sell my g36 hi-caps and surplus m4 mid caps at if a choose to buy them?

    Thanks for all of your answers!!!
  2. TornadoAirsoft

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    I think to convert it you probably going to have to get a m4 lower. To fit your upper

  3. Jelly

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    Wrong, please don't talk about things you don't have experience with ^_^.

    Well, I'd personally use the M4 magwell converter just because M4 magazines are so much more cheaper and more common than G36 mags, so it'll be easier to borrow magazines from friends.
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    I was looking at getting the magwell converter but decided against it for now due to the simple fact that it would require me purchasing a whole new set of magazines.

    The opposite end of the spectrum is that M4 mags are more easily accessible, can be switched out with Magpul magazines/ranger plates etc. and would actually fit in my chest rig without modification.

    Plus the m4 mags look awesome.
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    The only thing you need to use M4 mags in your G36 is a G36 to M4 magwell adapter. They usually run for around $25-$30 bucks.

    If you have a high RPS gun, it's best to stay away from the adapter as it has trouble feeding at high speeds although this isn't a problem since your gun is a DMR.
  6. JTFox

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    On my G36 I also have the M4 magwell installed. Its been great to me, plus like others said above me, the magazines are easy to find and cheaper to buy. Half my team uses M4 variants, so if I ever ran out of ammo they could just throw me a magazine.
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    I would say the benefits are much greater with the conversion.
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