Should I get rear wire my ics m4?

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    I am thinking about rear wiring my ics m4 as there is no room inside the ris system for a battery and I need a peq box. I think I would prefer having the battery in the stock for more battery options as well as maybe not having to stuff the mosfet in the handguard. Thoughts?

    And if I do go the rear wire route can I just get some 16 awg wire and some deans plugs or do I need more than this?
    Edit: Nvm, I will try to look into this part as I just googled and found a video that will tell me what I need

    And should I get a fixed stock, a pts eps, or just a regular crane stock? Idk how much room id need for the mosfet as I've never done this before. But I think id feel better knowing I have more room. Ive never used a fixed stock but I imagine the adjustable is preferable for most.
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    It depends on the mosfet you have. Considering g&g thinks it a good idea to fit a 1/2”x1.5” mosfet into a pdw stock then anything is possible. What battery are you using?

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    It has a gate merf 3.2 mosfet and I am using a nastima 11.1v 1200 mah 3s 20c stick battery. However I am thinking of getting a battery that would fit in a g&g prk9 so I could use that battery for this gun too or get a better different one that would be like a 7.4v instead of a 11.1 as I dont need a super fast rof or trigger response.

    I just bought this gun and dont have a peq box but I thought I tried the battery earlier this week and it didnt fit (there was a little padding inside the ris that was maybe stopping the wires from getting pinched idk what its for which I couldve taken out for extra room). I dont have a battery box so I was thinking either get a battery box or re wire it (which ive never even taken any of my guns apart yet so I might be putting myself in over my head lol).

    I guess im just worried about pinching the wires and ruining the mosfet or something. (The wire might be fine though and im just overthinking and dont need to bother with rewiring) The ris is maybe a little bit more difficult than a rear wired gun when it comes to accessing the battery but I probably wont be doing it that much for it to matter.
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    Rear wire has always been easier to work on for me. Some buffer tubes have a lot of room for a 3 cell stick lipo and for a small mosfet.