Should i join JROTC next year

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    Can someone tell me what JROTC is all about? What will I learn?

    I'm a mid B student but, it is because I check out when a class is boring. I also forget information unless I am somewhat interested or it seems important so I forget homework a lot! I have a A average test score and can work through annoying/distractions situations

    Overall, a follow offers unless you are not in my mind right to have any power. I shoot above average, I want to start 3 gun and hunting soon.

    I want to join the armed forces if I can join as an officer rank.

    I want to get more shooting time.

    Where can learn more tactics for Airsoft and possibly in the armed forces?
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    I know aflrotc is about creating citizens of character, ROTC is awesome it's a lot of fun you meet new people. But there is a small catch you get out of it what you put into it. If you just go to the class and do nothing it's not fun. If you do drill or many other activities it is an awesome experience.

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    I agree with Bob19922, JROTC is all about what you put into it. As far as tactics for airsoft and the armed forces, the tactics you can learn in airsoft will be a decent starting point for military tactics, however just remember people react differently when they can respawn, in real life no respawn means you are less likely to do some of the stuff you do in airsoft. Try to team up withcurrent and prior Military and or Law Enforcement people, they will help you with tactics.