Should I paint my Flak Jaks?

Discussion in 'Clothing / Gear' started by llbb010, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. llbb010

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    I was thinking either black or OD. I don't like the tan because I wear woodland BDUs and OD chest rig and drop leg holster. Plus Im getting an mich 2000 with a woodland helmet cover
  2. BlackDragonAirsoft

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    Such sweet goggles....
    Idk about this. If you do, I would tape over the foam seal so they are still comfortable, and of course take out the lense following the instructions in your manual.
    Be careful and take your time.
    And od fjs with the tinted lens look amazing.

  3. CaptFysh

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    St. Louis
    No, not worth it. They look fine in tan, no need to risk messing a part up. Plus you'd have to use spraypaint, because otherwise it'd be ugly as all hell. I wouldn't but it's ultimately up to you.
  4. Username94

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    I run an OD PC with woodland BDU's and an OD helmet. It looks fine. I don't know if you've noticed but the same exact Tan is in your woodland BDU's...
  5. llbb010

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    You basically turned what I was thinking into words. I hope I don't mess it up like I did when I painted my pistol (idc about the pistol tho it was from Walmart and it was plastic everything)

    Yeah I noticed but I don't like that color
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