Should I rewire?

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    A while back, I took my APS M4 in order to downgrade the spring and add metal bushings. I haven't gotten it to function the same since. It's been reshimmed, regreased, and the AOE has been corrected. The gearbox constantly locks up when the gun is fully put together and it has an incredibly slow firing rate( like the battery is dying) on a full charged 8.4v when the gearbox is alone. The wiring does have a few kinks in it as well. Should I rewire it?
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    Rewire it anyway.
    Make sure you use nice wiring.

    Check motor, some of the stock motors simply sucks, also make sure that your battery still holds charges fine.

  3. Lefse

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    I recommend replacing that obsolete 8.4v ni-mh with a nice 7.4v li-po. No, li-po's are not expensive at all, neither is a basic balance charger, and no, they are not armed micro-nukes. A wiring upgrade is always a good idea, also replace those disgusting stock Tamiya plugs with Deans or XT60 plugs. I also recommend installing a basic mosfet unit, regardless of battery voltage.
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    Im assuming here the gun shot great before you did all the work.I would take another look at your shimming,and make sure its in good order.Also make sure you installed the bushings correctly.Some times,depending on the manufacturer,shimming specs do not coincide with the specs of the manufacturer of the GB in question.