Should I Upgrade My Battery?

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    I have recently seen a thread where it was stated that if your battery runs warm/hot, its underpowered. My battery runs at what feel like 1000 degrees. I am currently running my G&P M4 with a G-Tac 9.6v 1600mAh NiMH Nunchuck AEG Airsoft Battery ( but I'm considering upgrading to a 10.4/8 battery. I've looked on Evike and have found a few I like, but I really liked the G&P Intellect High Output 10.8 V 2300mAh NiMh RC Crane Stock Battery w/ Dean Plug ( So i have 3 Questions for you guys. (1) Is this a good battery? The reviews on it have been good but I want a second opinion. Please provide another option if it is not. (2) Should I upgrade my battery? I am most likley going to buy a second battery as a back-up anyway, but should I upgrade to a 10.4? (3) Should I consider Lipo batteries? Please note that I have a crane stock (my gun is wired to the back).

    - Rainbow
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    Was it my thread? :D I need a new battery too! Is this one anygood?

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    Lol yea, I'm doing a big parts order and I've been meaning to get a new battery for a while. Then I saw your thread and decided it was due time. Did alittle research, looked for a second opinion. The whole deal
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    I wouldn't recommend a 10.8v battery on a stock gun. You risk frying your trigger contacts and might strip the piston or a gear if the gearbox hasn't been overhauled. If you're considering a 10.8v ni-mh, you might as well do a gearbox overhaul, install a mosfet and better wiring with deans and run an 11.1v li-po.
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    If it is a stock G&P then a 7.4v lipo will due. I am running stock and I am using a 7.4v 1800mah 20c lipo and getting great results. Battery does not get warm but the motor used to until a reshim was done now its perfect.

    It sounds like you just got a crap battery.

    Hobby King sells affordable batteries and chargers.

    Defiantly consider lipo batteries they are really much better than NIMH batteries in discharge and size (though some of the nice brands have good discharge). Everybody where I play has switched over to them. With a 7.4v lipo you do not need an over hall but you will eventually want to get a mosfet since over time your trigger contacts will be affected.
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