Sig 552 with M4/M16 magazines?

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    I'm getting a Sig 552 soon and I want cheap spare magazines, but I've checked and they are around 30 dollars each for hi-caps, Is there a way to convert them using Stanag magazines? Sig and G36 magazines look alike, will the G36 to M4 magwell converter work by doing some mods?
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    I doubt it, the externals are different, I doubt it'd work.

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    I'm not sure if the G36>M4 magwell adapter would work on the sig but anything is possible with modification. If you had one lying around and could test fit it then I would say go for it. However I wouldn't go out and spend 20.00 on one and have it not work. If you look around, you might be able to find some used mags.
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    I own both guns and I can tell you it will not work without so much modification it would not be worth the effort. The SIG mags are much skinnier than the G36 mags and sois the gun. Although the two mags insert in similar methods, they are far different in their shape and size. In fact, the SIG mags are closer to M-4 mags than they are to G36 mags; however, even given this fact, I doubt one could make the SIGG accept the M-4 mags because of the mag catch/release system. SIG mags lock in from the front and back of the mag and M-4 mags lock in from the side.

    Additionally, SIG mags are mostly plastic; whereas, M-4 mags are sometimes mostly metal, I have had a couple that were all plastic.

    Here's afew links for some halfway decent deals.

    I could not check Evike because their site appears to be down at the moment.
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    Isn't the whole point of getting a gun that isn't an M4 is to not use M4 mags? If you want to use M4 mags, why not get a M4?
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    Externals. The look and feel. Many reasons .