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    Just had to throw this out there. Read any thread about any airsoft gun and you hear how important a clean hop up bucking is. To the point of meticulous washing and maintenance of the bucking to maintain accuracy.
    Then you have so called experts telling you to put silicone into your mags for your cnn pistols, and no o e can understand why accuracy sucks.
    Piece of advice, prongs and backings are meant to wear out, and everyone with aegs and springers cary extra in their field kits. Keep your gun clean and moving parts well lubed, cary extra pieces that wear out in your field repair kit, and enjoy improved accuracy.
    Or, follow the so called experts and wonder why your gbb pistol co tinges to shoot so erratic from o e mag to the next. And blame it on the gun like the rest of the lemmings.
    The only people that should be adding lube to their mags are those that are unable to maintain their guns due to lack of knowledge or skill.
    A d those playing against me, I enjoy the advantage!

    Fyi, this caries over from paintball where I used to compete. If you don't have high failure replacement parts in a little tackle box, and the knowledge to replace as needed, you should go to Staples and buy the big box of rubber bands to shoot at people.
    Everyone on a website that has bunches of posts is an expert. But in reality, I wouldn't allow 90 percent to check the air in my tires.
    Number of posts doesn't make an expert, nor does self proclaimed expertise. ( sorry experts, the truth sucks for those this applies to. )
    Now, if you can't do simple smithing, and or on a tight budget, shoot silicone into your mags, it will make your orings and bucking last longer, and when those parts do wear out, which they will, you can either learn proper Maintenance or buy a new gun and join the. Rest of the lemmings bashing. Different brands

    Case and point, you do not ever lube a co2 or compressed air paintball gun. You will just gum up the internals and screw up its function. Same thing with co2 or compressed air pellet guns.
    Really think a plastic bb shooting gun is that more advanced?
    Difference is we learn to properly learn to maintain our guns and carry high failure. Parts as part of that.

    Now, while this gets flamed by the so called experts, go read up on a forum about people that compete for accuracy with air rifles, or people that compete in paintball.
    Then come back and listen to the crap advice some of these self proclaimed experts give.

    For those of you that actually smith, and are knowledgeable, I apologize, you were not intended to be offended. I just get so sick of hearing so much crap advice from idiots that should be shutting up, reading ands learning instead of replying to every thread as if they had a clue
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    Good for you. You must be a cool guy, because you call people idiots. I wish I could be like you.

    Now, let me tell you a couple things.
    1) No matter what, a gas-blowback pistol is only meant to be used at shorter ranges at which you do not need to hit a penny sized object at 60 feet.
    2) Some people actually do not want their gun to fail during an event
    3) Green-gas blowback pistols use Green Gas (Propane very closely related gas with silicone oil additive).
    4) Do not insult people who have a different opinion than you, it makes you look like a stupid child.
    5) Multi-posting does that too, and so does improper spelling and grammar.
    6) Did you know, that magazine valves need to be lubed too? Because, you know, they are moving parts. And once you lube them, the silicone oil will get mixed with the gas.

    What the hell is that supposed to mean?

    Point and case, you are no better than those you are oh-so-cleverly trying to insult.

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    Your points are sound, but your delivery rant sucked OP. with all due respect.
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    Ann Arbor
    You're not entirely wrong, but you need to be way less of a jerk about it. Try ranting less and explaining more. And for the love of god, there's an "n" in "one."
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    Damn dude, yeah you're allowed to have an opinion but
    1) be nice about it
    2) find your "N" key
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    This made me laugh. Which in a class where someone is giving a speech about child abuse is not a good thing.

    How much experience do you have working on GBBs? I've been workin on them for roughly 6 years, and most of what you said is wrong.

    Your paintball experience really has no effect here. I personally find that it actually takes away from your credibility, as you make it sound as if they are the same thing, working on the same system, where in reality the gas system used by a paintball gun is vastly different from that used by a GBB.

    And, since I'm still on rant mode, spelling and grammar man. Work on it.
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    While we're on this topic can someone explain what he is saying in a less condescending way while using the N key so I can understand his point please.
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    Caddo Mills
    Ummm. Is there any reason why i don't understand this?
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    I believe the way he said it and his poor typing created the perfect storm for those who don't work on gbb's often to not understand at all what he said.