Skirm Sunday 9/23/2012

Discussion in 'Texas Airsoft Forum' started by transition, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. transition

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    Port Arthur
    Free game! come out and sling some plastic! We will play some random games and have a great time. We will be on site at noon, games on around 12:30ish. Bring PROPER eye pro! We will be have the chrono on site. Water is highly recommended, as well as bug spray. High Ground Airsoft will be on site with BBs for sale. The address of this location is 3794 Westwood Orange TX 77632

    See you out on the field!
  2. Hartman96

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    Sorry guys, My boys can't make any of the sunday affairs. It's and all day event for us. Post more on the Zombie game we might be able to do that one.

  3. daddyo

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    Dangit, sorry guys we missed this post or we would have been there.