Slings worth it?

Discussion in 'General Accessory Discussion' started by andkim, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. andkim

    andkim New Member

    Are slings worth it? I'm thinking of getting a sidearm too...
  2. VTMZ

    VTMZ Active Member

    If you're getting a sidearm yes. Even if you're not getting a sidearm you should still get a sling. Preferably a one point.

  3. Thatguyoverthere1111

    Thatguyoverthere1111 New Member

    +1 unless you have a long rifle like an M14, get a one point. It makes it easier to carry web you're going back to re-gen.
  4. airsofter98

    airsofter98 New Member

    i have a diamond tactical one point sling and i love it, so i would suggest getting something like that
  5. Frostbite1

    Frostbite1 New Member

    I have a 2 point bungie sling on my scar, its defiantly with it because even if you don't have a side arm its still good to let the sling take the weight of the gun when your not in combat. My Scar is around 8 pounds so my arms would get tired if I dint have anything to let it hang, but even if your gun doesn't weigh much its still good to have them.
  6. Protectionperfection

    Protectionperfection New Member

    Slits are good to have also as a safety measure for your gun. It keeps the weapon attached to your person so it won't drop. I have a mission spec Irene sling for sale. It converts from 1 to 2 point without every detaching from your body like the magpul sling. It's an amazing sling and works very well. Used it once but have no need for the 2 point part so I'll stick with my ciras 1 point
    Pm me if interested
  7. theonlyBuster

    theonlyBuster Active Member Lifetime Supporter

    S. Florida
    Definitely worth it. Especially when standing around listening to orders, or when you're using your secondary. Unless you want to drop your gun and find it after the game.
    Of course the sling type is completely up to you
  8. DaveRuination

    DaveRuination New Member

    i heard a story of someone lending a gun to a newb, who got shot on the hand and dropped dude's gun on the concrete and broke the stock (it was an echo 1 scar)...a sling would've prevented that.
  9. lonewolf01

    lonewolf01 New Member

    I have a cyma m14 and I play the role of dmr for my squad so i move around constantly. The gun weighs 8 pounds so a sling is a must for moving about stealthily or on the fly. I have a 2 point sling so I put the sling around my neck and under my arm so I can run easier and if need be I can let go of the gun and run while still having the gun on my person.
  10. Xxbuttersxx

    Xxbuttersxx New Member

    Worth it. One point sling it great, prefer it more than my 3 point sling.
  11. One point bungee style is the bet sling you can get. I had a 3 point but it wast to my liking. I had a G&P one and its very easy to attach/ detach if need be.
  12. sniperL36

    sniperL36 New Member

    I wouldn't use it because it gets in the way
  13. Thatguyoverthere1111

    Thatguyoverthere1111 New Member

    Would you rather it get in the way or have your rifle break in half because you dropped it?
  14. willer2122

    willer2122 Member

    Its his choice. If his sling constantly gets in the way, then he shoud bet a new one or not use one.

    I bought a one point bungee sling for my AK, and now use it on my f2000 because it gets heavy pretty quick. Best $15 i ever spent.
  15. Grudge

    Grudge New Member

    I use a one point on my M14, but I'm 6' 1"!

    Use to use a 3 point for my MP5, moved to a one point and now I use one point for everything!:)
  16. Foxhound_Operator

    Foxhound_Operator New Member

    Sandy Egos
    Slings are handy. Especially long arms and support weapons such as SAWs. Also, if you switching from a primary to a secondary, it's quicker. Then again, like everything in's up to the shooter what makes his kit 'work'.
  17. xc0n

    xc0n New Member

    Yes, As stated before a sling is a great asset to have when carrying more than one weapon. Switching to a side arm with out a sling will slow down your draw due to having to plave your primary down before going to the pistol. With a sling you can just drop the rifle and grab for your pistol.
    Now for the type of sling that comes down to personal preference and style of play. If you play more CQB and switch alot I would siggest getting a one point sling. If not go with a three point sling. A three point sling may take time to get use to but once you get the transition down you can use it like a one point, two point and three point. Personally I like the three point slings more. If you do get a three point try to get one with a tactical transition clip. I have seen and tried to use ones than don't have transition capabilities and it can cripple your game.

    One point

    -Quick drop
    -Holds gun low to belt/in front of body (allowing access to side arm and vest pockets)
    - Quick transitions (left to right hand shooting)

    -Slower movement when gun is hanging(Gun movement when hanging)
    - More expensive
    - If you kneel when rifle is hanging the barrel will go into the ground
    - can break stock if a cheaper gun

    Three point

    -More stable control of the rifle
    -Can be adjusted to fit almost any gun
    - Can be used as one or two point if adjusted
    -Allow carrier to hold the rifle on their back if needed
    - Cheaper than one point (most of the time)

    -Slower left to right transition
    - Sling can get caught on gear when transitioning from back to front
    - Can break sling rings on gun if plastic/cheap

    INFANTRYPRO New Member

    Don't get a one point sling. They are annoying and all your gun will do is dangle and wobble and annoyingly knock on your legs. Get a two point. It's so much easier to move fastly and they're more comfortable.
  19. Leonidas

    Leonidas New Member

    Des Moines
    I prefer a sling. Although I have not found one that fits my style. I run a bungee rope as of now. I am looking into one and two points.
  20. Phillies2406

    Phillies2406 New Member

    I haven't invested in a sling yet. I have one from a well mb07 that is a 2 point but I use it as a 1 point ( which you can) because I prefer it that way.