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    I've gone through 3 slings (2bungie, 1 2-point), and I am not satisfied with any of them. Any tips on how to find a good, and secure, sling that can keep my 30" m4 at my side or on my back. I'm a cqb player btw.
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    Buy or make a nice three point and learn how to use it. I've used a lot of different slings and I'm currently using a 1 point on just about everything because my three point is fraying and the buckles have started slipping. But when I used my three point, I was able to transition my rifle to my back and back around to my front in seconds. The things was secure and easy to tuck out of the way. My biggest complaint was that transitioning from shoulder to shoulder was a challenge and I'm a pretty ambidextrous shooter so that was a major downfall. Otherwise, I generally liked my three point.

    I worked up a guide for how to attach a three point sling to your rifle because a lot of people struggle with it. You could use the guide to figure out the parts you need to make a three point sling if you wanted to go that route: