Sneaking through brush?

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    I don't suppose you guise have any tips for going through brush/ general land more or less silently? I'm a small person, so I like the idea of doing sneaking along/through the brush for some kills. Done it before, and it's not like it's painfully annoying to go through it. Just want to do it better.
  2. xc0n

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    Technique can vary from terrain to terrain but for the most part they are similar.

    But some basics:
    1. Always take note of sound "traps".
    Sound traps are areas that if you step or move through you are going to produce a lot of noise. For example you notice sticks poking through a bunch of dead leaves on the ground. Now it is some times hard enough to walk on just dead leaves but with the added abundance of twigs and sticks it will be twice as loud. A rule of thumb is if it looks loud it probably is.

    2. Walking/Footing.
    When you walk and are trying to be quiet you want to step with your heel first and role your foot to your toe lightly. When you step down with your heel try to put the pressure on the outside of your heel. For example if you step with your left foot put more weigh on the left side of the heal. To continue the step keep the pressure on the outside part of your foot until you are on your toe. Then flatten the foot. This may take some time and practice to feel natural. Also don't go on to the actual side of your foot or you could roll your ankle.

    Another aspect that will help you keep quiet while moving is keeping your knees bent. This will allow you to sink and rise to count your weigh or absorb the weigh you put down. This means you wont be stomping your feet when you walk. Also it will put you in a ready position if you come under fire.

    3. The brush itself.
    When moving through brush take note of brush that is tangled between two trees, tall, or over hanging. Tangled brush if you don't notice it can cause a lot of noise movement and cause you to get stuck. Also this applies to trees close together that have a lot of dead branches crossing each other. Walking through this will cause the branches to snap. In a situation like that either go around them or crawl under them. Tall brush might not make noise but can give your position away just as easily. If you bump into of move tall brush it will wave in an unnatural manner. Thus it will alert people that someone is there. Over hang is a combination of both, it can tangle or catch on your gear and at the same time move a lot of surrounding items.

    4. Breathing.
    Breathing will actually help you to move more quietly. How? well let me explain. When most people try to start sneaking through an area our mind automatically tells us to hold our breathe. The reason being is it allows for us to hear surrounding noise better with out the added noise of breathing. Another thing is that it allows less movement of your body and makes you quieter. But this all sounds good doesn't it. But there is something that is completely negative about this, what if you slip or are startled by something. When this happens you will let out a noise or gasp that will be a lot louder than breathing. Also when you hold your breathe for a while your body will need air and when you go to breathe you will take a deep inhale then exhale. This will also create unnecessary noise. So keep your breathing controlled.

    5: Movement.
    Keep your movement slow. The slower you are the quieter you become. Not much more to be said here.

    6. Listen.
    If you stop every so often and listen for people in the area you will be able to better judge the movement speed at which you can succefully operate in an area. The more people you hear in the area the slower you will want to move.

    7. Shooting.
    Basically once you open fire unless you eliminate everyone at once in an area your stealth is gone they know you are there. They might not know exactly where but they will still have an idea. Especially if you aren't sniping. If they don't see you it might be a good idea to move out of the area and hit from a different spot. This can prevent them from surrounding you and pinning you down.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. TheLost

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    If they do detect you, but do not know your exact location ( ex. "The BB came from over there") look for low lying trees, holes, bushes and simply roll under/in to them, then grab a few handfuls of debris and toss it over yourself, covering mainly solid colored apparel, such as shoes or your vest. Then lay very still, control your breathing, and keep you head down. You will know when they have given up looking for you or have moved on to a different area, at which point, you can slowly roll out, and move AWAY from the group. Do not continue the hunt, for this process can be quite nerve racking. Get away, calm yourself (from excitement, fear, Etc.) and move back in, but from a different direction, since, as I've noticed, people normally keep an uneasy eye (even if they don't notice it, they will subconsciously glance back at that location and any small movement will alert them, even if they don't truly notice it, they will, if you get psychology) on places they're unsure of, such as where they suspected you were, but "weren't". So circle around, preferably to get on one side of them, watch what they do for a little bit, then if you have the opportunity, take another, and if permitting, take all of them, but NEVER take some of them, because then you are completely blown, the survivors will know exactly where you are (due to the multiple shots), and will be stuck in a 1v? gunfight. So take on or all of them, no middle ground.

    Hope this helped.
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    San Francisco
    It's better to grab a branch, pull it behind you, then let go as you walk by than it is to push it in front and let it snap back when you pass it.
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    This guy just covered everything. Good job xc0n.
    Also, holding your weapon is very important. Hold your gun like you normally would, but point the barrel about a foot in front your feet. This will give you a smaller profile, and you won't snag your gun on branches.
  6. alex

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    expect your gear to get tangled...
  7. TheLost

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    not necessarily, if you move the way you should, you shouldn't have to worry about it since you never want to try to push through trees, and since you would NEVER do that, don't worry about your gear tangling up, because there is no reason for it to. Take the path of least resistance, but also don't take the beaten path either. Find the happy medium because going too far off will result in loss of stealth due to the "I'm stuck!" factor and taking the trail is highly expected since many softers are just that lazy.
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    when i say expect your gear to get tangled, that means gear up so it doesn't get tangled. i go through brushes all the time and learned what gets tangled and what doesn't.

    during normal outdoor games, many are timed. there are events when the limited time requires a shorter path to your objective. taking the long way or looking for a clearer path will run down the clock.
  9. TheLost

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    ahhh I gotcha, like saying, "don't put your lanyard right next to your sling" kinda thing?

    And I definitely know what you mean about running the clock down. Look for a better route for an extent. I don't mean look at the woods for 10 minutes looking for a way through, but yeah I know what you mean.