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Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by ShroomStamper, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. ShroomStamper

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    Hey guys, I recently upgraded my Well MB4410 and now it pushes a little past 500 with .25s.
    I've been using .36 bios from Valken but I'm done with them. Their .28s are actually decent because that's what I use in my aeg's but I can't use their heavier stuff, it's awful. I know it's not the sniper that's shitty because I can use the .28s and it's pretty accurate and rarely ever any flyers, I just don't want to hurt somebody with it shooting that fast.

    My field is bio only, Power Ops Airsoft in Atlanta, and they sell the HPA brand there. Does anybody have anything good to say about them? Trying to use .40s or .43s and if you have suggestions for any other brands then please let me know.
  2. Handyguy

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    I am using, HPA 28s, 30s, 32s, 45s each weight works great, I use the 45s in TM Mk23 and they are great, always feed and no jams. I would definitely try them in your sniper,

  3. ShroomStamper

    ShroomStamper New Member

    Thanks, I'll definitely give them a try my next time up there
  4. Airborne101

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    HPA are excellent bbs, quite on the high end. Rumor is that they are the same company who formerly produced Bioval bbs before Cybergun bought them out.

    You wont be disappointed with HPA bbs.