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Discussion in 'Clothing / Gear' started by Twokindsofawesome, Oct 23, 2012.

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    hey, I'm wondering if I could get a little advice to set me up with a good sniper load out. I am not really one to use a ghillie suit, but I have one when I want to use it. What I'm looking for in my load out is something that can hold my pistol and sniper mags easy and I can maneuver rather well with it while sniping, but also offering space for my L85's M4 magazines when I decide to use that. I guess I need a scout sniper type load out that could also accommodate assault type play as well. I think I should get pouches and gear in coyote tan so i can match with my multi cam, British DPM, Flecktarn, 3 color desert, Swiss alpenflage, and practically any camo. I'd really appreciate the help, and if you have similar type load outs, please show pictures!
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    You could always use a molle chest rig, keeps it light and changeable.

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    i have been suggested to use a battle belt because it is a lower profile then the chest rig. i would recommend pantac because of their life time guarantee. i have a gear load out meant for sniper that might interest you. All the gear is pantac and is meant to hold a mp7 as a side arm but you can change that out if you need to.
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    Please be sure to capitalize when posting here. And while posting in dead threads isn't against the rules, you should probably ask yourself if responding to a thread from three months ago when the OP only has 34 posts is going to help him. He's probably figured it out already, or at least won't be coming back to check the thread.