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Discussion in 'Tactics & Strategies' started by connor1999, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. connor1999

    connor1999 New Member

    i am going to start using a sniper soon but have zero experience with a snipers aproach in airsoft. any tips or stratigies would be appreciated

  2. AppleJuiceChristmas

    AppleJuiceChristmas New Member

    Sniping in airsoft requires a lot if time and money. To get a decent sniper you would need to pour in at least $250 in upgrades. I don't advise getting into sniping until you are really experienced.

  3. Charkzilla20

    Charkzilla20 New Member

    Hehehe.... boom headshot!
    So in airsoft sniping:
    -Get an awesome gun (bolt action, 500+ fps w/ 0.30+ or so, and long accurate precise tightbore and accurate precise hop up.)
    -Get a ghillie suit
    -Get a KWA Gbb SMG (or a pistol if that's your taste)
    -Get a radio system with your team (or at least another teammate/partner)
    -Coordinate with your team/partner how you can be effective. (Battle strategy! like holding a flank at bay, or guarding an objective, etc)
    -Bring snacks and water
    -Go take a nap in the grass
    -Wake up and shoot people
  4. Archer627

    Archer627 Active Member

    Step 1: Buy a gun and bastardize it (get it shooting at least 350 ft).
    Step 2: Buy scope.
    Step 3: eat stuff while waiting for stuff to arrive.
    Step 4: make gillie from either jute or burlap. Give it a FR coating after dying it.
    Step 5: Get package(s) from UPS guy.
    Step 5: put in upgrades and tune
    Step 6: Make gillie for rifle
    Step 7: read military manuals on camouflage and concealment
    Step 7: buy radios for you and your team
    Step 8: Sight in your rifle
    Step 9: familiarize yourself with the rifles trajectory
    Step 10: ????
    Step 11: Profit
    Step 12: get kills.
  5. RayRules67

    RayRules67 New Member

    When you want to hide, think about where a sniper would hide, and then hide in the second best place. And pick a place people wouldn't bother going, or would avoid, like water, or thorns. People won't go there, and you wouldn't expect a person to be there, because who would want to sit in a patch of thorns? Survey the area, find the second highest point, and set up camp. Have a friend also wear a ghillie suit, but give him a decent AEG, something accurate at mid-close range. Get him a spotters scope, and make sure you stay very close, and communicate as much as possible. Take your time, be patient. And pick your shots very carefully, shoot the people who pose the most threat to you, then whoever poses the biggest threat to your teammates. Research camouflage techniques, they will help immensely. Also reading a snipers basics handbook will help. And lastly, make sure you have a rifle that can perform flawlessly on the field, consistency is key with sniper rifles.
  6. Shiftyshooter

    Shiftyshooter Learn from your mistakes. Lifetime Supporter

    Read XC0n's and Cornerpeddler's guides.

    Take the time to search for those.
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