Sniper Tricks & Tips - Sniper Training/Drills

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    Sniper Tricks & Tips - Sniper Training/Drills

    Before I start I want to state that you should keep a normal physical routine and stay in shape when sniping.

    1. Observation
    2. Shooting
    3. Camouflage
    4. Recon
    5. Counter Sniping
    6. Live Shooting

    1. Observation is a great and needed skill as a sniper. Most people think of a sniper as a just a hunter of men, someone sitting waiting to ambush an un-expecting enemy. That may have been the case back during WW2 but that isn't the case anymore. A snipers main role is Observation and Recon. Most people don't recognize this attribute and it creates an incomplete sniper, thus bad snipers. Observation is one of your greatest perks as a sniper.
    So how do you train observation?
    Its actually a lot easier than you would think. The first thing to look at is target detection which is used to sharpen your skill to pick out what doesn't belong. Target Ids are anything or object that makes something stand out thus making it a target. You can very easily wear the wrong camo or have the wrong vegetation, move, or carry some gear that will be a target ID and cause you to stick out.
    To set up this drill you need two people, between 5 and 20 objects (non natural at first) that don't belong in the environment you will be observing. One person will hide these object and you have a time limit to find all these objects in the surrounding area. These objects can be 2 inches to a 100 meters away from you. The next step once they are hidden and you are looking for them is to keep a pad or piece of paper and pen next to you. Draw the landscape and when you find an object draw the object in and circle it, number it, and write on the bottom of the page with the number what the object is. You want to get to the point where you can find all the objects in about a 30 min window. This skill can help in location ambushes and enemy snipers on the field. Once you get good at this you can hide a ghillie suit in a wooded area or put fake plants mixed in brush as items to find.
    When you first start this drill you can look at the objects and know what they will be before hand. As you improve and get better you won't know what objects are being hidden. Also this drill is great to do with your partner AKA spotter or sniper (depending on your role). You would switch off on hiding the objects/ finding the objects. Also if you guys want to work as a team to find the object (suggested to build rhythm) have a third party hide the objects. Also when searching for the objects use optics that you would actually be using on the field. It doesn't help to practice with optics that have a higher magnification than what you will use when playing.
    A searching technique to find these objects is to do a 180 degree view span. What you do is start off looking maybe 6 yards in front of you and give observe that area in a 180 degree span across. Give it a few passes before moving to the next 3 yard section and keep repeating until you have viewed the entire area.

    2. Shooting
    This topic can be a hard thing to practice due to airsoft not being the most accurate thing in the world, better than paintball but still. Shooting is something you want to be confident in when sniping. This will make taking the shot and knowing when to shoot easier.
    A simple drill to do is cut out cardboard profiles of people. These profiles should be mid torso to head profiles. Make a few (5-10) and place them at different ranges and angles for practice. Also try making some targets hidden more than others so their profile is smaller.

    Moving targets
    Now in a perfect world your targets would never move and they would pose for you to take a shot, but sadly this isn't Walgreens. So we need to practice on moving targets as well. To practice this might take a very fearless friend or at least one that isn't a “baby”. Have your friend start in a hidden position so you can see him/her. Then they will run to another point of cover at different speeds each time they go back and forth. If practicing with a spotter/sniper switch roles so you both are practicing shooting. Also change up the distance between the two bunkers so there is less or more time to take a shot. Another thing to change is the angle at which the person is running at, away, side to side. Lastly make sure you are shooting at moving target from both your weak side slide and strong side slide. What I mean by this is moving your rifle right to left/left to right. You will notice it will be easier to follow a target running away from your shooting shoulder(if you’re right shoulder has the stock on it a target moving right to left will be an easier target to follow). Also notice you have a larger angle to take the shot before having to adjust your body position (Something to try and avoid) when moving away from your shooting shoulder.

    With the range make the targets numbered 1- the max amount you have. Then place them at known ranges and shoot 10 rounds at each target and record where the BB hits, where you where aiming, the wind direction and speed, weather, and the range. This will show you your max range based on conditions. Also you will learn your rifle's shooting pattern. It sounds strange but even with airsoft the guns can have a pattern. I have an L96 C02 powered rifle. Every 6th shot is slightly more powerful and shots a little to the top right. I have noticed that spring rifles tend to do something like this too. Knowing this will allow you to adjust on the field to make shots count.
    The next drill for rage is finding the range. Now want you want to do is to learn how to range with mils on your scope. You might say this isn't needed for airsoft but I believe it is cause your gun might max out at 160 ft and your target is 185 ft away. With out ranging it you might think that person is in your range. This can cause a miss and loss of an otherwise great hide.


    (height of target(yards) * 1,000 = Range(yards)) / height of target(mils)

    Then for airsoft purposes you can convert the range to feet. (Mils are the Dots on your scope cross hairs)
    Once you have the ranges of your targets measure them out and see if you did it correctly. This will take practice to get use and accurate.

    Team Building
    When shooting with a spotter you want to have a rhythm with each other. This rhythm will make you clean and efficient. One thing to practice is short hand. You guys want to have a unique language (abbreviations etc) with each other. What I mean by this is having special calls for different situations and targets. Also you guys have to know each others strengths and weaknesses.

    3. Camouflage
    This should become your bread and butter as an airsoft sniper. Without it you won't be able to observe an area, make it to a hide, and take any shots with out being spotted. Your surrounding is your friend as a sniper whether is woods, desert or urban.

    To practice camouflage you want at least two people. One to observe and the other to hide, plain and simple.
    Different drills

    A. No Ghillie observation. Your objective as the person hiding is to camo using any means besides a ghillie suit to get close enough to the target and see a letter or number card they are holding. This is done in the actual military as well (only with ghillie). But wait it gets better you aren't allowed to use optics of any kind just your eyes. The person with the card can either be stationary or patrolling.

    B. No Ghillie Observation with a shot. Now you take the same thing a drill A but you have to take a shot and go undetected after the shot. The observer is allowed 5 steps in the direction he thinks the shot can from. Then he/she has to call out your exact position before you move if he can't see you or calls the wrong spot you have completed it. You can add having to take two, three shots to how many have to be taken. Also the shot has to be a hit!
    *Makes sure to do A & B in different vegetation areas*

    C. Ghillie suits time! Yes now that the other two have been completed successfully at least 2-3 times(in each environment) you can add a ghillie suit. At this point you should be comfortable with camouflage and able to work in different environments. Now you just use a ghillie suit in those environments. This first drill is to break you into the ghillie suit. What you do it take all the time you need to properly camo the ghillie with vegetation to match the environment you will be hiding in then you go into that area. You and the person observing should plan an area you can hide in so they know the general area to look. Then once you are hidden the observer has 20 mins to find you using optics. To increase the difficulty of this drill start putting a time limmit on how long you have to camo the ghillie and increase the search time. Eventually the searcher should be able to walk around and not notice you.

    D. This drill is the same as A & B only combined and with a ghillie suit now. You have to move to your position and id the target letter or number and take a shot (hit the person) and remain undetected. But you have to camo the ghillie to match the environment. Also you can use optics for this one. At this point you have earned the ability to use them.
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    E. The last drill for camouflage would be moving through an area with constant patrols. There will be a starting point and an end point that the sniper team needs to make it to. This drill can be live fire and have a squad that is more or less looking for you. This would represent an after shot situation where you have to escape to your exfill. If you get spotted its not over you and your spotter must fight your way out. Some ground rules:
    1. You are not to engage enemies with out them engaging you first, this is a camo stealth drill
    2. Enemies will have a respawn point
    3. If you are hit you are dead out of the game/drill
    4. Have a whistle at the end point to signal when you made it
    5. You can't end the game if you are still being shot at
    6. The squad shouldn't know where you are starting or ending, so they can't camp these stops

    This drill builds your relationship with your spotter/sniper and increase field experience. Which when you come down to it is what makes and breaks a sniper team. This drill can also be used to increase CQB in a sniper team, something that isn't practiced by most sniper(s) team(s). This drill can be modded to fit different scenarios you might face.
    Change of end point
    Eliminating enemy patrols

    4. Recon
    Recon is a very important thing to learn. With good recon you can produce great information. This information could be better than any person you could have shot out.

    Recon Movement
    This drill involves at least two people. The best part is those people don't have to play airsoft. What you do is ask someone to do something outside or whatever at a set time(you don't know what they will do though). Then you have a starting point and have to get in a position where no matter what they do you can see it and record it/ take a picture/ write it down. Make sure to treat it as a live mission and try to stalk into your position. This puts you on a time sensitive mission.

    The next drill you want to have people set something up a base and have guards moving around, moving items around and occasionally looking for you. This can be minimum of one person besides you to pull this off. Now what this person(s) will be doing is moving item and changing what weapon(s) they are carrying. You have to note all these changes in between a certain time. Get the info and get out without being seen. If spotted the drill is over.
    * Also get in a habit of observing and sketching the area. *

    5. Counter Sniping
    There are a few things that go into counter sniping they are: Observation, Camouflage, and Tracking. These all have sub categories but for our purposes these will do as is.

    Simple drills would be to set up a fake sniper or have someone set up as a sniper and you or your team will have to locate the sniper. A way to set this up is to have someone or your sniper/spotter be the enemy sniper and start somewhere and move on your position. Your position will consist of you and some of your card board buddies from before. The sniper will move one your position and shoot a target. at this point you are a target after they hit the first one. So now what you have to do is find cover an deploy without being seen. Once that happens the other sniper will not move from their position but they will fire another shot every 20 mins. You guys need to have Mics or something to communicate. The reason being is the sniper you are countering sees you then he will radio you and tell you thus you’re dead. It works both ways if you spot them you radio them and they are dead. The point is to deploy in the heat of the moment on an enemy sniper.
    The next drill is to have a buddy out in the woods as a sniper and have him move in take a shot and move. Now set up so many targets and your objective is to find and shoot the sniper before he kills all your friends. Once he shoots (has to shoot a target first) you can now be shot by the sniper. Also you are allowed to pursue the sniper and track them. To track him/her you want to look for things that are out of place on the ground. You are not always going to find that perfect foot prints.
    Things to look for:
    Foot prints - Can't always find them but if you do remember the pattern
    Broken stick & Twigs - These are not natural and don't have to be just on the ground they can also be bushes and branches that they walked through.
    Transfer - This is when you see sprinkles of water/dirt/mud on top of object on the ground. These things can’t climb on top of rocks and roots.
    Matted areas - Places where the sniper might have been prone to take a shot. The grass or leaves will be compressed and ruffled on the edges.
    Snags -This is when cloth/hair etc. get stuck on foliage. Look for ghillie that has gotten stuck on branches. Ghillie suits shed and make it easy for someone to follow.
    Unnatural - Items that are man made, maybe they reloaded and dropped a BB, ate a candy bar and left the wrapper etc.
    *These are basic tracking techniques *

    6. Live shooting
    This is basically the above items all put into a complete mission. The mission can be anything from counter sniper, VIP shot, Recon etc. This will take multiple people and will work better if you have a larger team or access to people. These missions are to your preference. You can use these to greatly increase field experience and team relationship on the field. This relationship and experience is key to being a sniper.

    These are some basic drills you could set up. You can modify these to meet your needs and feel free to add different drills you use to this thread.

    *If anyone notices typos or anything let me know and i will fix them Thanks*

    Happy Hunting!
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    You fine sir have every trick and everything else in the book

    Also some tricks for a little extra range like maybe a foot or so is leave your mag full of bb's out in the sun while sniping and when you need that extra couple feet use it
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    Lol well i can see this working with a CO2 mag because the gas would expand and it works with real bullets but just plain BBs? What's the logic behind it cause I have never heard of it for BBs.
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    I was a USMC Scout Sniper for 5 years.
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