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  1. warstar25

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    What sniper is recommended under 150$ and what website
  2. VTMZ

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    FIRST: You have to make sure you can pour $200 in upgrades for the sniper rifle because a stock sniper rifle is worse than a stock AEG

  3. TheFallenHero

    TheFallenHero Active Member

    And then after that. Your going to either want a JG Bar 10 or a UTG L96. Then go put 200-300 more into upgrades to be happy.
  4. Dovi-82nd

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    To be honest get the bar10. Out of the box it's great and you can do so much up grading. I bought mine and over two years put 500$ into it and now it's amazzizzing. It shoots 600 fps (for targets not people) and 500 for people. I made it manageable to pull back and put in an rhop with incredible results. If I turn the barrel 1/4 a rotation I could probably hit 250 to 300 feet easy. Right now at 200 feet it curves right do to the hop up on the barrel, it just needs to be turned. However back to you. The bar 10 is good out of the box, however unless it's an ideal game for sniping, I would be careful until you upgrade it.
  5. JTFox

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    I reccomend the UTG L96 and the JG BAR-10.
    Like I tell everyone, the stock version of the gun is bad. Just plain bad in my opinion.
    Plan on putting atleast $200-$500 in upgrades depending on the rifle you get.
    More upgrading is required in the JG BAR-10 to make it quality. If your not planning on putting much into your rifle get the UTG L96, simply beacuse of the better sears that come in it stock. I personally have a BAR-10 because I prefer that style.
    Your own research is the best thing you can do, then ask in the forums for help or advice.

    Edit: I have high expectations for my rifles, so my opinion of the stock gun could be the opposite of yours. But to me, 150-200ft range makes me cry.