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  1. asgalltheway

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    What would the best sniper be to get for 140 an less? I usually visit and do not know what to get. I like bolt action over gasses

  2. DisasterAirsoft45

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    I would get an echo 1 asr bolt action sniper rifle. Airsoft gi
  3. John_the_Tech

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    Bar 10... Or VSR 10... Pretty good stock performance, and highly upgradable. $135 on Airsoftgi with a scope. All you need is some bbs and you are all set. And in the future when you get more money, you can upgrade it however you want. Or if you like an l96 style... Go for the AGM MK96... 100 bucks on Airsoftgi with a scope. Hope this helps...
  4. stat226

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    No if you're gonna get a sniper rifle you have to realize that you are going to HAVE to upgrade it. If you read the tread I linked you would realize that a stock sniper rifle performs no better and in some cases a lot worse than stock AEGs. In order for a sniper rifle to be able to perform well you will need to drop $100's of dollars in quality upgrade parts such as PDI and Laylax.

    Another question is "Is this your first rifle?". If so I strongly advise AGAINST getting a sniper rifle and getting an AEG. Such as a JG m4, CYMA AK, or JG G36. The reason behind this is because you do not know what you are yet. For instance you just spent all your money on a JG BAR-10, you take it out to skirmish and decide "I'm too impatient to be a sniper". Well now you just screwed yourself, an AEG as a first rifle can be adapted into many different play styles.

    Now say that you have had quite a bit of airsoft experience and found that you don't like to assault and want to hang back a little and pick people off. Now you can consider a sniper rifle but which one? Well, how much of a budget do you have for the rifle alone, also what are your preferences for the way it looks. In this case you have a budget of $140 and say you like the classic rifle body type, then the JG bar-10 would be a good option for you.

    Okay now that you have your U83R 1337 sniper rifle now what? Time for you to upgrade, don't even think about skirmishing your stock rifle it will be very inconsistent and will not perform to your expectations. The very first upgrades you should do to it would be the hop-up. Let's stick with the bar 10 as an example. Why is this? Well, all of your accuracy comes from the hop up (recommend the PDI hop up chamber and also ER-hop the barrel) and most of your range comes from there too. Next you want to upgrade the sears and trigger I would recommend the Laylax zero trigger. Your next upgrades should be to the cylinder and all of its contents minus the spring. The spring is the very last thing you should upgrade. With all of these upgrades it should be about $300-$400 out of your pocket just on upgrades. Don't cheap out on parts or you will regret it.

    I hope you took the time to read this wall of text to aide in your decision of whether or not you want to go down this road.