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  1. stelthysniper126

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    I'm thinking about buying the sd98 for $50 off a website I found do you think I should buy it. It comes with a bi pod and I going to put a scope on it and sight it in at 100yards.
  2. DadCRO

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    Don't. First off, the cheapest decent airsoft gun is the DE tri-shot shotgun ($50). Then there is the CYMA AK ($100). Then there are sniper rifles. These start at about $100 (JG BAR-10) and $150 (UTG L96), for a spring sniper rifle. The best base for a gas rifle is probably the KJW M700 ($200).

    After you decide which model to use as a base gun, you need to pour- no, dump money into upgrades. Spring guns are real money vacuums. Gas rifles are less so, but they work best with a HPA rig which can cost about $200.

    The point is, if you are backyarding with your friends and you all have LPEGs, go ahead and buy the gun. If you are doing serious airsofting, you need to spend WAY more money on a better gun and upgrades.


    TYSONtheSNIPER New Member

    It's up to you, $50 for a good upgradeable rifle in my opinion is a good deal. Unlike what DadCRO said, even cheaper guns can have potential. Normally however, that gun retails higher then $50 so I'm guessing your getting it on sale or used. However being a TSD gun it will be upgraded for power, but not longevity. Most parts are Type 96 compatible in it, but not everything.
  4. Protectionperfection

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    Look at it this way. You CAN buy any gun you want to. If its a sniper, youll need to spend money anyway to make it better no matter what, so get it, upgrade it and use it. Just remember to always have money around to fix the parts that break from the cheaper company...
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    Why would you get a sniper when you can get a nice AEG? Sniping is very hard and most likely you'll get pulverized by the AEGs.
  6. Urban_ART

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    Very true, and if you want a sniper I'd go with a DMR because you can snipe with the option of semi or full auto for any situation.