So Cal Airsoft Park closing in a couple of weeks

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    Patriot Airsoft Park in Newbury Park in Ventura county is closing in a couple of weeks.
    A couple weeks ago I heard Patriot was closing due to the owner of the property that Patriot was leasing from decided to give their location to the company next door to them. and only gave them a short notice to leave and find another location.

    Patriot is the ONLY indoor park in Ventura county, and its a very popular place among the locals, and its a starting ground for a ton of younger airsoft players just getting into the game.
    I took a two hour drive in the rain to check this place out and throw them a bit of support before they had to close their doors.
    good staff, great field, fun place, the locals are cool too.
    I talked to players there that have ONLY gone to Patriot and no other place in three years,...and they go almost every weekend, its almost like a local hangout, I watched the place get packed in the first 30 minutes of opening.

    As we all know Airsoft is full of thousands of mom and pop small businesses so any chance I get to support a family run airsoft business I feel I should.

    Here is my link to the video i shot of the place a week ago


    here is the link to there Kickstarter page, trying to raise money to relocate

    Im not affiliated with them at all, and only been there once and that was a couple weeks ago, but I saw first hand what they mean to that community.
    Im just passing on the info
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    Patriot Fun

    Good meeting you there mark. I was excited to see if I was gonna be in the footage, sadly no, but great work and great footage nonetheless.

    Stay Frosty