So You Want To Be An Airsoft Medic 101

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    The Team Medic

    Hearing the scream of 'medic' you jump to your feet and bolt into the direction of the shouts. BB's whizz above your head and kick up dirt from the ground. Zigzagging closer to your hit buddy, lungs at breaking point the Red Cross patch on your arm re-assures him that he'll be back in the game in no-time

    One of the least popular airsoft roles, but the most rewarding. The medic needs to be physically fit, as he/she needs to react to the calls of downed team mates across the skirmish field.
    Most of the time you will be used as a reserve rifleman, as your gear should reflect this. But your main duty will be patching up BB scrapes and the odd sprain or twisted ankle. You're gonna be the guy with the magic touch!

    Specialist Gear-

    Red cross/Medic velcro patch(es) or armband

    Any First aid/Medical trauma molle pouch(es)
    basically consisting of - Plasters (bandaids)
    sterile gloves
    safety pins
    assorted bandages
    assorted tape
    alcohol swabs
    and any other basic first aid gear.

    Ofcourse non of this is essential gear, but it really can make the role feel much more authentic and rewarding. And it really does help if you are a competent first aider as your team mates may just be grateful one day.

    Patch em' up and send em' back

    please sticky this :)
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    Pretty good write up, but i think it may need a bit more to be stickied. Like different types of medics, how there used in games, some more guides and tips, etc etc....

    Not trying to bash your Thread. Think it could be great.

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    Hey I know this is an old post but I'm a new member here. Ive been an EMT- CRITCAL CARE (ny states level 3 provider,just below paramedic) for two years and in EMS for almost 5. I got started in this career field when one of my friends had a leg impaled while playing paintball. Our team (now in airsoft for over a year) decided someone should take a first aid class. I volunteered and fell in love with it. I just wanted to share some knowledge on the subject...

    First of all: a certification never hurts
    If you are going to call yourself a medic, why not be a medic? I'm not saying every person saying they are a medic should be a paramedic, nurse or something like that, but knowing what you are doing never hurts. Many medical facilities all across the US (not sure about other countries so I won't make the claim) offer basic first aid and CPR classes. Wilderness first aid is also another great class. Not bad things to know for any medic.

    Second: perhaps some ammendments to the gear list.
    Sterile gloves: they don't have to be sterile. Most ambulances use nitrile gloves. Much like latex gloves they conform well to the hand, but with out the large population who are allergic. For a box of 100 (50 pairs of gloves) the avg cost is about $13.
    Don't worry about alcohol prep pads or other cleaning chems. Neosporin works great for small cuts but simply wash the are with soap and water is just as effective for minimizing the risk of infection.

    Third: just some added things for a gear list
    Although band aids are great for most minor scrapes, but what happens when a player has a more significant injury? Gauze is the important thing! 4in x 4in gauze is great. But what do you do if gauze doesn't work... Quick clot and Tournaquiets. *******KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING BEFORE YOU USE EITHER OF THESE*******
    Quick clot: is a hemostatic gauze (helps speed up the clotting process), used by military, ems and hospitals for stopping major bleeding. If used properly this can be a great aid for more serious injuries.
    Tournaquiets: once thought to be a "limb death sentence", they are starting to make a come back in modern medicine. There is still a time limit on how long one can be on before injury to the area starts to come into play. Know what you are doing before you use one!

    Fourth: be proactive!
    I believe the role of a medic is more than just that. I think of us as safety personelle as well. Be on the look out for things that may cause injuries or just don't look safe and pass that information along to other teammates or the person in charge of the field you are playing at. Don't be a jerk about it but a friendly "hey, look over here. That doesn't seem right." never hurts. Live by the better safe than sorry never hurt anyone.

    In conclusion, if you have chosen the path of a medic, embrace it! It is a over looked but very important part of the combat sports (airsoft and paintball). Be sure to learn all that you can to be as helpful as you can. If anyone has any questions please feel free to message me. Lastly, I'm proud of anyone who calls themselves a medic and hope none of you have to use the skills you obtain.

    Be safe,