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    It has been way too long since I last played. I used to bring my buddies out to Azusa and hike into a valley to play this wonderful hobby of ours. Unfortunately that was back when we didn't really care about poison oak. Now, 10 years later, I am not sure I am up for it.

    I am looking for new places to go, our a group to join up with. All the airsoft parks out there really don't tickle my fancy. I would prefer a secluded woodland environment amongst friends where we don't have to worry about regulations or law enforcement. Do these places exist?
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    Welcome and good luck finding a new woodlands type place to play!

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    i hate to say it but your best bet is to try local forums, local facebook groups, etc to find the private games youre looking for.
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    I heard on Discord there many Airsofters. I have heard of private games, but your best bet might be to go to some fields and talk to some people who play private games and link up with them.