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Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by franpier, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. franpier

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    Rock River
    Hey guys, I really like Socom Gear's externals, which would you guys say is the best M4 AEG model of theirs?
  2. schultzebomb

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    There is no difinitive best m4, itdepends on what you like, bias, and your price range. $100-$200 would be a jg m4, combat machine, or ics sportsline. $200-$300 would be g&p, kwa, ics prolines, ca prolines, vfc. Etc
    It really depends on what you want.

  3. rich635

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    I think he means of the Socom Gear M4 series...any of them but the PWS and Spikes Tactical line would be good. Basically your Daniel Defense, Noveske, V-TAC, and Vickers rifles (basically the ones over $300). They all have trademarked metal receivers and trademarked RAS, as well as VFC internals. Internally, they're all the exact same, just with differing barrel lengths. Externally, they're all the same quality, just different styles for each model. Pick the one you like the most externally, as there's no performance difference between any of them (except of course the sub-par nylon PWS and Spike, those you should avoid).
  4. Archer627

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    The PWS and Spikes tactical ones are OEM by G&G (Combat machines). They're like the ASGI Custom guns. The high end ones are the guns that are over $300. Here's a review of the higher end ones (OEM by VFC).

    Higher End SOCOM Gear Guns Review