Sold A Gun On Ebay

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by InTheBush, Sep 2, 2012.

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    Canadian guns have to be externally clear and plastic, if I'm correct?

  3. InTheBush

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    So, am i going to have to refund his money and tell him to shop some where else?
  4. Urbanprodigy

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    I think so... I believe in country sales can be non clear but when it goes over the boarder it must be clear. But I may not be right after all I live in NJ
  5. marine121496

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    If you put only ship CONUS then I would refund his cash except for the ebay fee of ten percent, if you put you do ship international, it's kinda your fault and I would refund all cash. Although I don't actually know if you can ship it or not if you can then by all means do.
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    Well, I think that it could legally pass through the border as it is. There's only one problem, inspection.

    They have to "inspect" it to make sure it isn't a real weapon. Sounds like it'll take a little while right? Wrong I've been told it can take years.

    You best be refunding the poor fool.
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    Do not thread crap. Nobody makes you post. In case the only thing you want to post is radnom crap, send me a private message and I am going to ban you until the craving is over.
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    You posted that the gun can be shipped in the US, BUT did not state anything about any other countries.
    "Shipping to: United States "
    The best course of action is to FIRST send the buyer a message. Tell him you do not ship outside the country, and that you will FULLY refund him. Fully refund because the mistake was your own, not his to any extent. Yes he should have inquired about shipping outside the country, but at the same time it's the seller's responsibility to state his "rules".

    So refund him, then re-list the item, but this time state your rules.
    I typically say "I only ship within the Continental U.S.. For all potential buyers outside these area, please contact me prior to bidding/purchasing regarding this"

    Now in terms of shipping to Canada. I can tell you from experience it's gutsy. I've had a few guns make it, and a few more not, and some disappear. But my best advice is to break the gun into 2 parts and ship them separately. That's been where I get the most luck, but again it's still a risk.
  9. Dead Eye

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    considering its on Ebay CA it might be a tough call. it could fall on you as you might have had it for international shipping.
  10. 703

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    In my opinion it's not worth the hassle to ship to canada. To many things can go wrong. Your better off just refunding his money and telling him you are sorry but don't ship to canada due to all the restrictions they have. Re-list the item and in the description put that you only ship within united states. If you don't want to ship to alaska or hawaii either put you only ship to the lower 48 states.
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    I like the first idea because you had it listed as shipping to the US, and nowhere else, if they live outside the us they should have read that it said to the US and not have bid.

    Biggest thing though, message them and talk to them about it, but nicely
  12. bludyknux

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    I've run into a problem exactly like this last week. Contact the buyer, let them know WHY you can't ship, and if it really pleases them, leave you negative feedback. Explain that your shipping was set on domestic only, and don't wish to cause a hassle with the whole deal. Also, make sure they are understand Canadian airsoft laws and shipping to other countries.