(SOLD) ARES Coyote G2 KRISS Vector (Brand New) - Unicorn gun

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    Selling a brand new ARES Coyote G2 KRISS Vector with authentic KRISS and Glock trademarks. New means new - never fielded, never modified, never used except for firing a few shots to make sure it functions. Extremely robust build, nylon polymer outer body with metal internals and metal gearbox and various metal points (outer barrel, trigger, rail, pins, bolt catch, etc.).


    -310-330 FPS w/0.2g bb's
    -18-20 RPS using 11.1v lipo battery (tamiya connector)
    -ARES programmable Electronic Fire Control Unit (EFCS)
    -Very accurate but also compact
    -Safe, Semi, 2-Round Burst, Fully Automatic firing modes
    -Durable solid folding stock
    -No wobble whatsoever
    -Adjustable hop up above barrel in the front of the gun
    -Top rail, under rail, and side rails (all metal)
    -Authentic KRISS Vector Trademarks on receiver, even better than the Krytac version
    -Reinforced 8mm bearing metal gearbox (better than Krytac - no bevel gear issues)
    -14mm positive CW threads
    -Orange tape used for customs purposes, easily peeled off

    Comes with the following:
    -(7) 125 round midcap magazines
    -(1) 55 round short midcap magazine
    -Rear pistol style buttcap sling mount (replaces stock)
    -Metal side rails INCLUDED
    -Metal Vector-style mini flash hider
    -Flip-up sights

    Paypal G&S only, no trades, looking for cash.
    Local pickup available for Massachusetts.
    Questions? Feel free to message me.
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