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    Hello MilSim, this is my first post and I am not a hardcore player, having only gone about three times in the last year. I do plan on going more frequently, as do my friends, and I figured asking a few basic questions on this site would yield the best answers. I have a KWA KM4A1, and I have a list of modifications I want done on it. These include, replacing the current stock with a Crane-style stock, replacing the handguards it came with, with a railing system on all four sides. I want this rail system for a vertical foregrip and a battery box on the left side (bit of a pain getting my current battery to fit inside of the existing handguard). Last but not least I'm considering replacing the current barrel with a built in suppressor, but i'm not sure if I should do this or add a mock-suppressor right on the barrel. Now I was told once that this was not a good idea with the KWA I have so i'd like some input on that. I've also heard you simply unscrew the orange flash suppressor and replace it with the mock-suppressor. I'm not sure what to do, how to do this, or where I would go to get any of these modifications done. I would also like to know the average cost and how I should go about getting all of this done. Thanks a lot! Sorry for my really noobish questions :p
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    For the stock and the handguards, I would suggest going to They have a large selection of external parts.

    As for the suppressor, I would just unscrew the flash hider. As it is much easier to do than changing the barrel. There will be a small hex screw that you need to remove on the bottom of the flash hider (1.5mm hex screw). Then turn the flash hider to the right to unscrew it. The threads are 14mm ccw (-14mm). Most standard mock suppressors will fit the threads, and you can find them in the accessories section of

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    Make sure your 45 day warranty is over because removing the orange tip will void your warranty!